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Announcement for VIDEO PARTY in KYOTO 2023
VIDEO PARTY 10 will be held at the Film Theater of the Museum of Kyoto on December 9-10, 2023. This screening exhibition introduces videos submitted by the general public, each up to 15 minutes in length, from a variety of genres such as drama, animation, and video art.
Since its inception in 2013, 610 films have been screened so far. The festival has also conducted exchanges through screenings in Kyoto, Sapporo, Iwate, Tokyo, Macau, Taipei, Taichung, Shenzhen, Seoul, Pusan, Richmond, Berlin, and other cities.
VIDEO PARTY is operated with the aim of creating a place to showcase video works with a variety of possibilities for expression.
We are looking forward to your participation.


Films to be screened and program announced.
Information on screenings is now available.(sorry Japanese only)

VIDEO PARTY 10 The event has ended successfully. Thank you very much for your participation.


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In order to subscribe your work to the VIDEO PARTY, you need to register first.

Rules for Subscription 2023


Your nationality, occupation, school or company you belong to, whether you are a student, a teacher or a plain working adult, anything regarding your affiliations and social standings will not affect your qualification as an applicant.

Limitation of work length

Within 15 minutes

Requirement for Entry

Any content, technique or genre is acceptable. Only requirements are that the work is originally created by the applicant, and that the images, sound and any other material used in the work must be free of copyright problems. Basically there will be no examinations for submitted works.

Step 1:
Sunday, Oct 1th, Deadline for Declaration of Participation (Closed)

Submit your declaration of participation along with informations listed below to entry form by Oct. 1th.


Necessary Information

・Name of the applicant (noms de plume and group names also applicable)
・Information of the applicant (Occupations, affiliations or titles, if any)
・Work title (if any)
・Genre (e.g., animation, drama or experimental, just as a reference)
・Running time (estimation also applicable)
・Year of production

Step 2:
Sunday, Nov. 19th, Deadline for Submission of works and information Deadline:

Necessary Information

・Duration of work
・A still of the work (853 x 480 [640 x 480] pixels resolution, 72 DPI, square pixels, JPEG image)
・Author's profile (about 100 characters)
・Comment on the work (about 150 characters, for publication in a brochure)

Contact Us


Films screened

program 1 [12/9(sat)10:30~]

Name title Genre
Kotoko NakamuraThe Magic Violet RabbitAnimation
Michael LYONSpartsExperimental
Tomoki YamakawaInvisibleDocumentary
Aya TakanoslimeAnimation
Yuta InoueYou fool !Short Film
Keiji AiuchiThe caress/La caresseExperimental
Izumi Ogawaa forest fireAnimation
Syuichi TakaharaGALLERYShort Film
Yüiho UmeokaManipulated ColorbarsExperimental
Yuka ImaiSpring DayAnimation
Yukari GotoBookAnimation
Kenta RyuAbout themShort Film
Ryo IshikawaSignifyExperimental
GUP-pyBeyond The DoorAnimation
Michael HoepfelInner CityAnimation
Kinshi no SaekoSlurping Slurping SlurpingShort Film

program 2 [12/9(sat)13:30~]

Name title Genre
Kouki MiyasatoOPENINGShort Film
Hanaka ChibawindAnimation
Keiji AiuchiDays in uncertaintyExperimental
Takayuki YoshidaOne Day In MoereDocumentary
Shimokita KanransyaGondorallyAnimation
Tsuharu & Kaoruko Babathe cursed mandalaMusic video
Motsuhiro Onolost itemShort Film
Erika NakayamaSayaka and AyumiShort Film
Isa SchmidlehnerBeateAnimation
Mitsuru MakinoFabCM06 DIGITAL SEWING MACHINEAnimation
Shiho NakazawaYour feelingShort Film
Saeko Nobu4 Little Swans?Animation
Yukiko NishinoOne Two ThreeExperimental
ZanpanoFUSI GEAAnimation
Alessandro MaggioniGideon‘s TaleAnimation
Musashi YoshiharaMidnight SpecialAnimation

program 3 [12/9(sat)16:30~]

Name title Genre
(non-existent) clipping channelDrawing StreamAnimation
Rintaro NagayamanowhereShort Film
Ayako KuriharaMindGames ‘ I am Here’ 20170915-1025Animation
Yukiko NishinoThe Age of 27Experimental
Maki KishimotoEmperor and Joso and EmpressAnimation
Tenta KikusawaACTOR1 ShortFilm
Masanao TsuboneFotonMusicVideo
Satoshi NishidaLocal Otaru MontparnasseDocumentary
Rinne ShimazuSummer vacation at 43 years oldShort Film
Sora NakabayashiNO ONE CAME TO HELPExperimental
Naoya ShibaharaOmouroAnimation
MurakamiLokiPurpleLine の TetsuyaizerExperimental
Koutaro TakahashiTHE SECOND OSUMI 3Animation
Manuela Johanna Covini# The Speculative in the SpectacleAnimation
Ryuichi TakayamaDistant ThunderShort Film
Keisuke Nakamotocome from soul hometownAnimation

program 4 [12/10(sun)10:30~]

Name title Genre
SoutaparkShort Film
Rintaro NagayamaGIVE ME BACK MY PRECIOUSShort Film
Kyohei HayashiGalactic BloodAnimation
(non-existent) clipping channelImagination And HumourAnimation
Syuichi InohanaBarking Dogs in the veil that protects myselfExperimental
Ryota SuzukiDr. Nanigastein and Apple 2023Animation
Satomi AsakuraLandscape FlickerExperimental
Haruka MikiAngo or I am walkingDocumentary
Kenta RyuLifeworkShort Film
Yuki OkazawaHIBIKIExperimental
Izumi TanakaNanzoyaAnimation
tama-styleyour eyesShort Film
Lina WaldeIn circlesAnimation
Yakusyadenaitoo small to getShort Film
Anna FujiiGlancedExperimental

program 5 [12/10(sun)13:30~]

Name title Genre
Peki ShiobaraSoushi-gun raikoAnimation
Yusuke GushikenmikikikikimimiExperimental
Rina MachidaCarrots Don't WaitAnimation
Rintaro NagayamaHACHIOJI TO DISMEMBERShort Film
Fumihiko TadaInari CenterAnimation
Keita HayashiBUG STRIPE -CRACKExperimental
MATSUMOmonster after schoolAnimation
Kenta RyuFrom now onShort Film
Shinsuke InaSketch of Kyo Vol.2~Gion Festival~Documentary
Takanori AkagiLowriderAnimation
Johnny HUNGSemordnilapExperimental
zihiroOnenessShort Film
Lioba von den Drieschludo_2Animation
Lioba von den DrieschBO――――――Animation
Noboru Yanasenew moon walkingDocumentary
Yuka SatomomoAnimation
Kiyoshiro TatekawaBi-KeiExperimental
Ryota Higashifly mosquitoExperimental

program 6 [12/10(sun)16:30~]

Name title Genre
Akari SomaFool's StoneExperimental
Kenta RyuPREPARE TO MARCH!!Short Film
SiestaFamilia landAnimation
Shyota UedacompositionAnimation
Kenta Nomura☀︎★✈︎←→Experimental
JING YECan you see the real me?Animation
Li Qingqisleep issueShort Film
Seika NaganoDo you want a candy?Short Film
Hiroko Tanahashi & Post TheaterSPOOKAIAnimation
Gaby Schulzeabstraktes abstractAnimation
Takumi Kataokamoving calligraphy―swimming―Experimental
Momgua EomNinoExperimental
Kenta YamaguchiLockdown boy①②③-remix-(Karasumaoike Ver.)Documentary

Installation [12/9(sat)12/10(sun)]

Name Occupation title Genre
Reina YokoeReliefExperimental


Activity record


Screening by students of Kyoto Art College



Osaka Seikei University Student Works Exhibition

「OSAKA SEIKEI VIDEO PARTY !」Art Me (Takatsuki, JAPAN) 35 works


Exchange exhibition of Nagoya Gakugei University and Osaka Seikei University

「VIDEO PARTY 2012」Art Lab. Aichi (Nagoya, JAPAN) 15 works


Held as the first public exhibition

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2013」Maruni Atelier Cafe (Kyoto, JAPAN) 39 works


Start work exchange with Future Film Day in Taiwan

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2014」Kyoto Cinema (Kyoto, JAPAN) 45 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2014」Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, TAIWAN) 9 works


Start work exchange between Korea and Macau

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2015」京都 Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 38 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2015」Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, TAIWAN) 12 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2015」PARK LANE BY SPLENDOR (Taichung, TAIWAN) 12 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Tong Myong University (Busan, KOREA) 6 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 12 works
「KINO VISION」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 10 works


Work exchange spreads

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2016」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 87 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Tong Myong University (Busan, KOREA) 11 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」15 feet under (Busan, KOREA) 20 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 17 works
「KINO VISION」京都 Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 13 works
「Windows of Formosa Film Festival」 Windsor Hotel (Taichung, TAIWAN) 5 works


Exchange with Japan and China

「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2017」Maruba-Kaikan(Sapporo, JAPAN)/Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 7 works
「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2017」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 65 works
「Shenzhen 3rd Independent Animation Biennale」OCT-LOFT (Shenzhen, China) 10 works
「VIDEO PARTY in Nishiwaga」Sasou-kan (Iwate, JAPAN) 34 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 13 works
「Windows of Formosa Film Festival」 Windsor Hotel (Taichung, TAIWAN) 10 works


American first screening

「VIDEO PARTY on Tour in Richmond!」SEDIMENT Arts(Richmond, USA) 23 works
「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2018」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 94 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 13 works


Tokyo first screening

「Tokyo Eizo Brig. PARTYS」Image Forum (Tokyo, JAPAN) 20 works
「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2019」SCARTS (Sapporo, JAPAN) / Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 12 works
「VIDEO PARTY in Busan」space NA.RA (Busan, KOREA) 10 works



「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2020」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 19works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」 iCentre (Macau) 11works
「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2020 ONLINE」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 51works




Seoul first screening

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2022」 Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 80works
「VIDEO PARTY in Seoul」 PLAN B Project Space (Seoul, JAPAN) 13works
「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2022 in SAPPORO」Hue Universal Gallery (Sapporo, JAPAN) 13works


Berlin first screening

「"finally a bit of animation!" Japan meets Berlin」bbk berlin (Berlin, Germany) 14works